• Arne Jacobsen/Roundtable
  • Arne Jacobsen/Roundtable
  • Arne Jacobsen/Roundtable
  • Arne Jacobsen/Roundtable
  • Arne Jacobsen/Roundtable
  • Arne Jacobsen/Roundtable



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Product number: VT011
Size: φ120×H70cm
Designer name: Arne Jacobsen
Manufacturer name: Fritz Hansen
Year of design: 1952
Production number: FH3600

1952 A table designed to match the Seven Chair and Ant Chair.
A simple table with wood and steel legs. The size is easy to use even in Japanese living rooms.
Although it has a vintage feel, the slim silhouette and modern design fit perfectly into any space.

Arne Jacobsen (Denmark, 1902-1971) / About Arne Jacobsen
Arne Jacobsen, who grew up in Copenhagen, is said to have painted over the ornate Victorian wallpaper in his bedroom as a child with white paint. From an early age, he decided not to fill the walls with typical childish paintings or paint bright wallpaper in a childish blue, but to paint the walls of his room white.
White walls are popular in modern times, but at the beginning of the 20th century, white walls were by no means commonplace. I can say that.
After that, Jacobsen wanted to be a painter, but his father objected and he left home to work as a sailor on a passenger ship.
After that, his friend, the architect Fleming Lassen, recommended him to take up the path of architecture where he could make use of his talent for painting, and his talent blossomed. In 1929, together with Lassen, he presented a modernist future house for a competition, and this announcement made him one of the flag-bearers of modernism in Denmark. In 1934, he is also known for designing the "Bella Vista Housing Complex" along Bellevue Beach, which is one of his early masterpieces.
In 1940, when Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany, he fled to Sweden out of fear of persecution. We spent until the end of World War II and resumed active design activity after the war.
Many of Jacobsen's furniture designs are examples of the modern style, his best-known work being the 1955 Seven Chair, which was used in Louis Morley's famous 1963 nude photograph of Christine Keeler. It is also famous for (It is said that the chair actually used in the photo was not the real Seven Chair, but an imitation, but it is said that this was implicit as the Seven Chair gained explosive popularity and name recognition due to this incident. are available.)
His representative works include the architecture of the Scandinavian airport building, the Danish National Bank, the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, and the various pieces of furniture that were produced to compose the architecture. The "Ant Chair (1952)" and "Seven Chair (1955)" are said to be the most sold chairs in the world, and the "Swan Chair" and "Egg Chair" produced in 1958 also It is still loved all over the world.

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