Business name

Vitamin CM Co., Ltd.

Name of business manager

Takehito Ukai


3-16-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Harajuku PLAZA204

telephone number


email address

Selling price of products and consideration for services

The price displayed on the purchase page of each product/service

Necessary expenses other than consideration

Shipping and insurance fees will be charged separately from the product price. Furniture and art will be shipped by Raku-Raku Kazai-Bin, and the shipping fee will be based on Raku-Raku Kazai-Bin.

In addition, a separate insurance fee will be required by Sagawa Express for fragile items. About large furniture The average shipping fee for sizes between 160 and 200 cm is 5,400 yen, The average shipping fee for 400-450cm size is 35,700 yen.

Since the amount of shipping fee and insurance fee varies depending on each product and region, please contact us once. The amount varies depending on each product, so please contact us separately.

Payment method and payment period

You can select credit card, electronic payment, etc. when you decide to pay for the product.

Timing of delivery of goods or provision of services

Described on the purchase page of each product/service.

Depending on the product, it takes about 5-14 days for large furniture and about 14 days for fragile items.

Special agreement on returns and cancellations

We do not accept returns or cancellations after the purchase procedure is completed.


For products or services with other special terms of sale or offer, the terms will be displayed on the respective purchase page.

August 25, 2022