• Sara Wevill / Owl Object
  • Sara Wevill / Owl Object
  • Sara Wevill / Owl Object
  • Sara Wevill / Owl Object



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Product number: AR005
Size: H30cm
Artist name: Sara Grace Wevill
An animal figurine by Sara Grace Wevill, an artist living in France.
After graduating from the University of the West of England with a BA in Ceramics in 1990, he left his native Wales in 2001 to settle in the spectacular French countryside of Salthe, where he continues to make animal sculptures.
She says, “Bringing a sculpture to life results in a unique creation. Paying attention to form and body language, a slight tilt of the head, a glint in the eye, a raised eyebrow, all contribute to personality and expression. It's the difference between creating an empty object and creating a work of art that is expressive and magical, so you can feel the personality, intent and beauty of the beast."

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