Among the more than 200 types of chairs designed by Wegner, the "Wishbone Chair", commonly known as the "Y Chair", is probably the most well-known chair in Japan.

Designed in 1949, this chair is still frequently used in Japanese restaurants and other restaurants, hotels, villas, etc., and continues to be loved around the world.

The beautiful form that flows from the legs to the back is light and does not feel oppressive, and there are no restrictions on its use or place. The backrest, which draws a soft curve, is finished with a technique called "bent wood processing" that bends a single wooden part with steam. Because of the method of bending the parts themselves, there are no unnecessary joints between wood and wood, and no metal fittings are used.

When you actually sit down, you can rest your body in a natural position and relax in various ways. Wegner is a woodworking craftsman who knows everything about the structure of the human body and wood.

The wishbone chair gets its name from the bones that are found in the body of birds. Birds have a special bone structure in which the left and right clavicles are fused at the center of the body to form a single V-shaped bone. This is called a wishbone, and since its V shape resembles the design of the back of the Y chair, it is said to have been nicknamed the wishbone chair.

The model currently handled by SUPER VINTAGE is a model that has been redrawn with paper cords by craftsmen in Japan after import. Re-drawing paper cords is very difficult, and there are very few craftsmen who can handle it even in Japan.

At SUPER VINTAGE, we ask professional craftsmen who specialize in repairing and reupholstering vintage designer furniture to carefully finish each and every one of them.

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