In this blog, we will introduce The Chair, one of Hans J. Wegner's many representative works.

Wegner is a very popular designer not only in Denmark but also in Japan, and has designed hundreds of pieces of furniture in his lifetime. This "The Chair" was designed by

In a famous anecdote, The Chair first became known to the world when John F. Kennedy sat in the 1960 US presidential election televised debate.

Kennedy, who had back pain, is said to have arrived at The Chair as a result of searching for a chair in which he could sit comfortably and still look dignified and beautiful.

The design of The Chair, which has a sense of presence and beauty as a chair but does not overstate its existence, is based on the idea that "when it exists by itself, it is simply a beautiful chair, and as soon as a person sits on it, the chair disappears." The person who sits on it becomes the main character and makes that person look beautiful.”

There are two types of The Chair, one with a leather upholstery and the other with a rattan upholstery. Since the structure of the chair body changes depending on the upholstery, leather upholstery (Model.503) and rattan upholstery (Model.501) were announced as two different chairs.

SUPER VINTAGW offers The Chair with both upholstery.

The leather model is a model made by PP Mobler, and is a very rare piece produced exclusively for the 90th anniversary of Wegner's birth. This is the 49th piece out of 90 made at that time.

The rattan model is a model manufactured by Johannes Hansen.

Johannes Hansen created The Chair for only 29 years, from 1949 to the 1977s. Since the 1977s, production has been done with PP mobler.

The Johannes Hansen Company gained popularity when it began collaborating with Hans J. Wegner in 1940. In recent years, it is often exhibited at auctions of luxury vintage furniture, and is traded at a high price due to its beauty and rarity.