Needless to say, Wegner's masterpiece chair AP19/PP19, commonly known as "Papa Bear Chair".

The name comes from the shape of a cute bear standing with its arms outstretched.

The Papa Bear Chair is known as a chair that tests the skill of the upholsterer, and it is also characterized by the great difference in comfort depending on the craftsman. In addition, the upholstery is very difficult among chairs, and it is said that it takes about five times as long as Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chair, which is also said to be difficult to upholster.

A unique and special easy chair that is comfortable to sit on and accepts any posture regardless of the physique of the person sitting. Among the chairs Wegner designed in his lifetime, he liked this Papa Bear more than any other chair, and Wegner himself brought Papa Bear to the nursing home where he spent his later years and loved it. The chair that he chose to spend time with after designing over 500 types of chairs. That was the Papa Bear chair.

Currently, PP Mobler is producing a reprinted version of ``PP19'', but SUPER VINTAGE handles a vintage product ``AP19'' made by AP Stolen, which was produced only for a short period from 1951 to 1977. "is.

There are actually some design differences between the PP19 and AP19.

The first difference is the nail (wood) part at the tip of the arm. As shown in the image below, the nails of the Papa Bear chair made by AP Stolen are made by jointing and shaving solid wood that is divided into two upper and lower parts. There are various types of wood such as teak, oak, and rosewood, but SUPER VINTAGE handles teak nails and oak legs.

If you look closely at the image, you can see that the color and grain of the wood are different between the top and bottom.

On the other hand, the nail part of the current PP mobler is made by carving one solid wood instead of two.

In addition, the backrest top of the Papa Bear chair made by AP Storen has a gentle reverse arch, while the backrest top made of PP Mobler has a straight line. In addition, the overall size is slightly different between the two.

The arms that protrude forward and the high-backed backrest give it a presence, and the best sitting comfort can be said to be a masterpiece among Wegner's works. The interior of the chair is made with pocket coils made from horsehair, palm tree fiber, cotton, linen, and other natural materials depending on where you need it, so there is no sag like urethane and it has a firm hold.

A special chair that not only can be enjoyed for a lifetime, but also can be passed down from generation to generation. Please experience the charm in our concierge room.