This time we will introduce you to Jacobsen's masterpiece chair swan chair.

The Swan Chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the lobby and lounge areas of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Manufactured by Fritz Hansen since its launch.

In Japan, it is famous for the name "Swan Chair", but the official name is "Swan (Swan)", and it has been manufactured by Fritz Hansen from the beginning to the present.

As the name suggests, it was given its nickname because of its design that looks like a swan spreading its wings gracefully at the waterside.

The swan chair's simple and distinctive "shell structure" form consisting only of curved lines gives the viewer an organic and soft impression.

Jacobsen is well-known as a master of modernism, but his designs are not all inorganic and cold, but are characterized by many curved lines and warm designs.

Jacobsen was also known as a perfectionist and famous for his uncompromising pursuit of beauty.

He demands that the assistants and staff working at his office work day and night in exchange for guaranteeing the livelihood of the whole family, and if he doesn't like it, he can quit. He was notorious for his stern attitude toward and for being acerbic and uncompromising. From these episodes, we can see Jacobsen's passion for architecture and furniture design, as well as his stoic personality.

It should be noted that Jacobsen himself hated being called a furniture designer, and focused on his work as an architect. It seems to be an image that it was designed such as.

By the way, the "shell structure" used in the Swan Chair refers to the structure of a flowing streamlined form. "Shell" is also called "shell structure" because it literally means "shell".

The shell structure of the Swan Chair is not made of molded plywood, but made of a durable resin-derived material called "hard foamed polyurethane" that is more abrasion and oil resistant than ordinary plastic.

There are two types of foamed polyurethane: hard and soft. The hard one is still widely used for home insulation and the shell structure of chairs, while the soft one is used for cushioning and other purposes.

In addition to the SAS Royal Hotel, this swan chair is also famous for being used at the Danish National Bank, which was the last project of Jacobsen's life.

The Danish National Bank, Jacobsen's posthumous work, is a modern building characterized by an outer wall of continuous stone and glass façades. The interior is more like a church than a bank, and the solemn and mysterious space is very powerful and overwhelms the visitors.

Source: wikipedia (Denmark National Bank exterior)

In this way, the Swan Chair, a masterpiece that has been used as a set in Jacobsen's important buildings such as the Danish National Bank and the SAS Royal Hotel.

It is a work packed with the charm of Jacobsen, who is said to be a master of modernism, and does not make you feel the flow of the times.

Ladies and gentlemen, please come and experience the charm in the concierge room.