This time, we will introduce in detail Arne Jacobsen's well-known masterpiece, Seven Chair (FH3107).

The Seven chair was designed in 1955 and manufactured by Fritz Hansen .

The cumulative sales volume to date has exceeded 7 million, and it is also known as the best-selling stacking chair in the world. Even in Japan, you can often see them in cafes, public facilities, and office spaces.

The Seven Chair is a best-selling product representing the manufacturer Fritz Hansen, and is also an icon in the history of furniture.

The chair's characteristic shape is created by a molded plywood shell made up of nine layers of veneer. It is a chair that can be said to be a pioneer of modernism with strength, flexibility and durability.


During World War II, shortages of materials made it necessary to find alternatives to metal, and plywood molding technology grew significantly during this period. However, it was still not easy to mold the seat and back into a shell shape, and it was in 1952 when Arne Jacobsen designed the Ant Chair that this technology was realized.

Jacobsen's masterpiece Ant Chair and Seven Chair were created after trial and error. The flowing curvaceousness of molded plywood is beautiful when viewed from any angle of 360°.

In 1963, the Seven Chair was used in Lewis Morley's famous nude photograph of Christine Keeler, and sales of the Seven Chair exploded after the publication of this photo book.

However, it seems that what was actually used was not a genuine Seven Chair, but a fake one. There is a clear difference.

Source: ArtBasel

However, it is said that Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen did not file a lawsuit because they benefited from the explosive popularity of the Seven Chair.

Looking at the history of a single chair like this, you can see that various social backgrounds and people are involved in creating history.

Knowing that the furniture that we see every day was born from the various thoughts and hardships of designers, I feel that our daily lives become richer and more meaningful.

Next time, we will introduce Jacobsen's masterpiece, Ant Chair, which is lined up with Seven Chairs.