In my last blog, I introduced the history of Hans J. Wegner.

This time, we would like to introduce the China Chair, one of his representative works.

The China Chair was designed in 1943 , inspired by the design of the 18th-century Chinese chair "Quan Yi" that Wegner found in a book he was reading at the time. it was done.

At that time, Wegner, who was researching a chair that would allow people to sit comfortably without using their abdominal or back muscles, realized that the unique shape of the backrest, which draws the S-shape of Kwan Yi, was also ergonomically suited to the human body. He must have been intrigued by the fact that it fits the shape of his spine.

At the time, there were no chairs designed to support your back along the curve of your spine.

The China Chair is not only functional as described above, but also a sculptural chair with a rich expression that is timeless.

A contemporary interpretation of an ancient Chinese design, the chair also demonstrates Wegner's talent and expressiveness as a woodworker, as well as his creativity in sculptural and functional pieces, which later became the Nordic chair. This is an important piece that serves as the starting point for the furniture masterpieces "Y Chair" and "The Chair."

In addition to the curve that follows the line of the spine, details such as the wider area where the elbows rest are designed. It has a moderate depth, so even when you sit deeply, you can keep your heels on the ground for excellent stability.

Therefore, it is also ideal for desk work and relaxing time.

The China Chair has undergone minor design changes since it was first designed in 1943, and is said to have nine models in total.

The early model, FH4283, is characterized by finger joints made by carving solid cherry wood into curves instead of bending the coping. Since 1945, the shape has been created by bent branches instead of cutting.

The number of supporting trees supporting the Kasagi was changed from 6 in the early models to 4 after 1945.

The early model is a valuable model that was only produced for a period of only two years.

Please take a look at the impact in our concierge room.