On April 1, 2023, "SUPER VINTAGE" was born, a fusion of Arita porcelain works of art, prestige Nordic furniture, and David Lynch's original lithographs.

In our concierge room, we have prepared a special space where you can see, touch, and enjoy classic Nordic designer furniture and Arita porcelain antiques.

We are not just selling products, but we are a total service that thinks and proposes how we can make your life richer and make every day special and comfortable with the products we handle.

On this blog page, we will talk about the background of the products we handle and the backgrounds of our designers, along with anecdotes and bits of knowledge, to everyone who visits the SUPER VINTAGE online page.

We hope to help as many people as possible to learn about its charms and incorporate them into their lives, enriching their daily lives and increasing their happiness during their time at home. .

A "house" is not just a place to live, but a special and private space for yourself where you can rest your mind and body 100%. And I think it's a very free and fun space where you can express yourself.
That's why, when you get home, you can heal yourself from the fatigue of the day surrounded by your own favorite interior, tableware and art, and feel the happiness that makes you enchanted just by being wrapped in that space every day. We want to help you.

All the products we handle are masterpieces that have been created over many years so that the creators can embody the beauty of form, functionality, and comfort with a special feeling.
In addition, the beautiful colors and profound feeling unique to vintage items, which can only be created after a long period of time, have a special charm that will steal your heart once you touch them. I would be happy if you could see the charm with your eyes, touch it with your hands and enjoy it.

In the next blog, we will introduce items by Danish furniture master and architect Arne Jacobsen.

Please look forward to it.